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As long as X-Men 4 has a lot of Storm!!!!!

daniel hancox

x4 needs to bring back cyclops but more importantly bring his brother into the film (and let me play him!)


Personally I think there should be an X4 with Gambit stealing an Apocolypse artifact prompting his role and Rogue, with a slightly new role in society, having her powers coming back at the wrong time to drain Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) of her powers promting her return, or Mystique knowing the effects of the Cure wear off takes in Rogue and uses her for power to drain Ms. Marvel so she might start her the Brotherhood. Of course Rogue runs away scared back to the school and rejoins the team. Also Angel would play a larger role because once you have Apocolypse you need the Horsemen and Archangel. The story could be so rich and possible span two movies or just make a second trilogy.


i like personally the cast of x-men so i wish for the next part of x3 including storm-halle berry, jeangrey-famkejanssen,cyclops-james marsden,wolverine-hugh jackman,mystique-rebbeca romjin stamos, and the rest of the cast. thank you


i wish my message help the other fans of x-men to do more part of the movie. and i wish the movie will come this 2007. thanks


Yeh the only problem with keeping Storm in the movies is that they have already decided to kill her off in X-4. But yeh Gambit introduced sounds good as well as Nightcrawler returning and bacoming an offical memeber of the team.


They Definetly need 2 bring back cyclops, and they can because tehy never really showed him die, and jean never admited 2 killing him, and how could she kill the man she n\loves


They Definetly need 2 bring back cyclops, and they can because tehy never really showed him die, and jean never admited 2 killing him, and how could she kill the man she n\loves


They Definetly need 2 bring back cyclops, and they can because tehy never really showed him die, and jean never admited 2 killing him, and how could she kill the man she n\loves




does anyone know when or if x-4 is coming out?


Well, they keep denying that there will be an X-Men 4, but at least they have confirmed a Magneto movie and a Wolverine movie. Personally, I think they cannot refrain from making X-Men 4, especially not now it has made so much money!

I would also like to see the return of Cyclops, but would like it if he has more to do. I would also enjoy to see more of the young X-Men, like Kitty Pride and IceMan.

Clinton Wampler

Yeah, well, i feel Pheonix is going to come back, for sure! She still has a bigger role and besides she is Pheonix! Pheonixs die and are reborn, so i assume the same applies to her.


well if u watch xmen 3 n wait till after the long credits u hear the voice of professer xavior and hear the nerse say charles which mean that they can make a very good next film were professor x is back incharge of the xmen


If cyclops comes back ill be pissed. He died and it made the movie more exiting. It made me think that none of the main charactors were safe from death simply because ther main charactors. Bringing Jean back was a stretch. Xavior should not come back. He was disinigrated molocule by molocule so how does it make any sence. Cyclops is a fag.


Cyclops will be back although I hate him. Heres my theory. Wen jean was kissing cyclops she was controlling his heat vision. His glasses were off. Jean's power is very unstable (it turns on and off bassically) Right before the shot changes her eyes turn back to normal color. This means her power turned off. Thus making her unable to control cyclops's heat vision. When Wolverine and storm find her she is knocked out. my guess is that cyclops's heat vision did this to her because she could no longer contol it. Cyclops then closed his eyes. He couldnt see because his glasses were off so if he open his eyes it would have shot heaty laser stuff. I dont know what happened to cyclops from there.


they need to make x-4 and note i said x-4 not wolverine or magneto,if they are makin a movie about anybody it should be cyclops cause in the first 2 movies they already talked about logan and they must bring back cyke cause he is the leader of the x-men and 1 of the best mutants and they need to show how powereful he actaully is cause cyclops is indeed worth the title 'x-man'.


Cyclops is a boss and to hell with anybody who doesnt like him,i was rel dissapointed that the cajun theif wasn't there(gambit)cause he almost as cool as cyke but no one can compare to the 1 and only scott summers,and they can do with havoc(cyclops bro) in x-4


First of all Cyclops is not dead in X3, he shot the dark pheonix in the face when she lost control of his powers and now he is wandering about with his eyes closed. After the credits we see that Prof. X has entered into the new body with Moira Mctaggert. They alluded to this earlier in X3 just before Charles realized the pheonix was alive. Charles will come back in X4 in a new body, one that can walk, and he will go on missions with the team. X4 will begin with the cure wearing off. Ms. Marvel will make an appearance but only so Rouge can steal her powers. Prof. X will make himself know to the X men and find Scott. The pheonix will once again rise from the dead, and Callisto will head the Morlocks who keep Leech protected in the sewers. Havok is not important, but can also come into play maybe as a brotherhood member who switches sides when he finds out about Scott being his brother. Genosha needs to be established. Asteroid M needs to be built. And alien races need to enter the story along with other mutant organizations like the Hellfire Club. Infact this is where the pheonix should rise. But not until X5. X5 can contain the love story between Cy and Jean. X4 should focus on the love stories between Kitty and Colossus, Gambit and Rogue, and the Professor and Moira. These are much more interesting love stories. The main plot of X4 should include the establishing of Genosha and the Sentinal program. If they really want Storm can defeat Callisto in battle and head the morlocks. But I think the main focus should be on Genosha. X5 will then be Asteroid M, alien races(lilandra), the pheonix's power, and it should introduce Apocolypse on a large scale. X6 can then be about the Age of Apocolypse and the fall of the four horsemen followed by Apocolypse. That would make a great new trilogy.

rabee armali

i think that in the next movies should have spider-man and venom involved in someway, and also get more characters into the movie.... and it will be exciting if wolverine and storm become make the movie dramatic... i think the movie should have lots of action, excitment and suspension involved.


i'm giving my opinion but I know that no one from fox would read it, well here goes.
I think that there should be another triology. x4 about the cure not working and when the goverment finds out they make secretly the of the students (jubilee) has run from the school because xavier is dead so storm an rouge go and try to find her, they found her in a mall but she is being atack by a sentinel they try to help her but another sentinel tries to captured them. then they show gambit taking the oportunity of the situation and steals some cards an goes away but the scream of jubilee being atacked makes him go back and help and then he saves her. but rogue and storm are in trouble until wolverine comes an takes the sentinel arm off and destroys him.then when gambit and jubilee are going the sentinel atacks gambit and takes jubilee to a facility. xavier returns to another body but makes everyone think that he is in the same body as before, then he finds cyclops almost dying of hunger because he is blind near alkalai lake.gambit wants to stick around and help them find jubilee, and becasuse he likes rouge. Ice man says to rogue "he is here because he likes you, he doesn't care what happens to jubilee" and rouge says "how do you know that you dont have mind reading powers, he is here bacause he wants to be an x-man".then the show jubilee and people making experiments to grow the knowledge in mutants on the sentinels when they let her alone she escapes but the fireworks makes to much noise so now they are chasing her she runs to the town were jean and storm found nigthcrawler she enters the old church the sentinels are going to atack but then nigthcrawler grabs her and theleports her to safety then she expalins to him what happened he takes her to the school. the x-men report to beast about the sentinels and beast talks about it to the goverment they say that it was made for the bad behaving mutants, but that the sentinels are having problems in their sistems he doesn't believe them. THAT WOULD BE JUST THE BEGINING FOR ME JUST TO STAR THE MOVIE AND TO GIVE IT SENSE TO PICK IT FROM WHERE IT LEFT. SORRY FOR THE BAD WRITING I AM PUERTORRICAN SO.

devante moon

I think all the story are great but jubilee should run away cause Raven (mystique) hears about mutants gettin there powers back and she get hers back and wants to test them so she acts like jubilee Mother and teels her that the sentinel kills her father and that she should get the cure!(this all takes place at visting time for the students )So then jubilee runs away...

devante moon

Im sorry i forgot to put something in there that was about x-men 4 and you all storys put together for the begining (after mystique does that she find her old friend and apologize about ratting out on him and then her and magento recruite the brother hood with avalanch and Juggernaut,PYRO,Callisto...And i have a exciting question that i would like someone to answer Q:Why does rogue dont act like the rogue in 1st cartoon show (she act like a punk she use to be just like logan ...

lance adams

I personally know that x-men4 will be good i think that magneto still has his power rogue didnt even give up her powers she is going to slap iceman silly for flirting with kitty and the phenix which is jean grey shes not even dead she will be reborn i think the original people should come together like,jubilee,gambit, and i just dont understand why they will not let rogue fly or have her super strenth power i mean there not letting me understand why she is just doing part of her powers they need to let her do them in x-men4 and grow storms hair back cuz she dont look right with short hair.

storm lover

storm needs to lead the school and be the leder of the xmen, becaus cyclops is stupid, wulvy needs not to be an inportent lend he is stupid to. storm needs a bigger part gambit needs to come in and jubilee dos to. storm needs longer hair it looks way better long they need to go to storms trib in africa and fine a cure to bring proffeser-x alive. roung needs to be stronger and abile to fly..... at the end of x-3 you see magneto move the chess pice so you now he will be in the next movie if thay make one, hopfuly.

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