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Mikkel McAlinden

You must be an extremely naive person with a very high opinion of himself if you think your tedious and vapid tips haven't been considered or that they could in any way be constructive. I almost fell asleep reading them. What kept me awake was my amazement that anybody could be so arrogant and tedious at the same time. Still, from a country with Bush as President, your dribble shouldn't surprise anyone. What devil spawn created you - the right wing of conservative comic book readers? Try a novel (a book without pictures) or crawl under your alter of comics, read them again, this time in a mirror and report back on all the hidden messages. Your one salient point is that film companies should invent their own superhero. Even though your reason was only so as not to disturb the sanctity of the comic church I still believe a superhero in USA would be a good idea. Why not one that's against execution and imprisonment of children and the mentally challenged? One who believes the rest of the world might have a point when they wish to stop the ice-caps melting, who doesn't think invading any oil bearing countries under any pretext whatsoever is always for the best, (so every american can afford to buy and run a suv/tank), and to make it interesting why not make the hero black and gay as well. I was thinking we could call him or her The President. A total fantasy feature of course.


I think those tips are an excellent formula for making hero movies! Our 'tips' guy is obviously a well read comic fan. Lets hope more Studios listen to such constructive opinions, because he is right on!

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