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Jonathan Artemis Pierce

Thank you for posting such a supportive article for Jed. He is a great actor and a hard worker. -- Jonathan Artemis Pierce, Executive Producer, Pierced Angels Productions, LLC.

Linda Luu

Hey Scribble King, I have been following your site for a while and though I liked it, i thought it was a bit biased towards printing too many pics of women, and hardly of men! But you more than made up for it with this interview! Thanks for showing a great actor i had not heard of yet.


Do u know what ep of 24 jed is in? We have all seasons on dvd and i would love to see him in action!!! :-D


Yes i agree! Less women and more real men like Jed Bernard! He's hot. By the way great interview Scribble King, like all the other ones over the past few weeks. I like the new direction for the site!


Good stuff! I'm shoked to read that good actors cannot get jobs because they go to producer's sons! And since it looks like every movie has at least 10 producers, it seems impossible for anybody that is not related to somebody in the movie industry to get a job!!! I wish you luck Mr. Bernard, and hope to see you in some big movie someday!


It's great to see you all support Jed like this, I also hope he will have a rich and varied career in the future, and I'm confident it's going to work out for him!

Concerning 24, I e-mailed him to ask about the episodes and this is his reply:

"I was on Season 3, Ep. 23 & 24, but the scene that I'm in the most is on ep. 24 --- It's a short scene, but nevertheless, I play "Barry"-"

So there you have it, get those DVD's spinning!

Producer of I Could Never Be Your Woman

For the record Jed Bernard was a extra in the movie I COULD NEVER BE YOR WOMAN.


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I think that it is a really interesting interview ,I am agree with some of the points that Jed Bernard said,This makes them less provincial, and broadens their minds to the type of critical and lateral thinking needed !!22dd


This actor did a scene in a supermarket (about cantalopes) in the TV show The Event. He is the only thing I remember about that episode. He's real, he moves well, his voice is great -- he's got "it" in my opinion, and given a break, he seems to be the kind of actor who will wear long and well. I truly hope we see more and more of him.

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thanks for the interview and the information, I hope that you can put more and more interviews like this, really you always put the most interesting interview with the best in the theme.

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