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Don M

What about The Matrix?

Alan S.

Ranking with Star Wars, where the 2nd movie is the strongest (I haven't checked whether IMDb agrees):

Mad Max / Road Warrior / Beyond Thunderdome
El Mariachi / Desperado / Once upon a Time in Mexico

And a special case, where each sequel gets better (and yes, I know they're not precisely sequels):

A Fistful of Dollars / For a Few Dollars More / The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

But these are rare indeed. The normal case is for the first sequel to suck miserably, and the next to go either way but still not measure up to the original.


Yeah, I guess I did miss a few sequels that were worthwile actually. The second Mad Max was a lot of fun, and I also loved Desperado. Great choice by the way for your last trilogy! Three excellent movies, and at least a trilogy in style and feel.

Oh and the Matrix trilogy... I guess I forgot those movies because I tried too hard to forget I ever saw the sequels ;)

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