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Chad Gramling

I'm wiht ya. Steve Martin is often called one of the most brilliant comedians of all time. But he has done some really bad movies. Cheaper By The Dozen was terrible. CBTD 2 was such a horrendous idea, I refuse to watch it. I couldn't stand the original Pink Panther, and just the fact that Steve Martin is in it, doesn't seen to make me any more likely to have any desire to shell out the cash to see it. I'd love it if Martin would get back to doing innovative comedy instead of trying to cash in on the family genre like Eddie Murphy and others.


Hmmmm, I agree and disagree all at once. My husband and son both love The Jerk. I loved Parenthood and think that Steve Martin is really great in the "comedic fatherly" roles.

Father of the Bride 1 & 2 are some of my favorite movies. All of Me with Lily Tomlin was absolutely great too. And, not a Thanksgiving goes by that my husband doesn't insist on the family watching, "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" John Candy's death was such a huge loss to comedy.

I also genuinely liked him in Cheaper By The Dozen, even though I've only seen the movie once and have very little, if any, desire to watch it again. ;o) I guess I just love Steve Martin.

Three Amigos - AWESOME, loved that movie and laughed my rear end off. "Sweet Little Buttercup..." LOL

fruey (Let's Have It!)


I think you make a pretty good summary of Steve Martin's best moments on film. I haven't seen The Jerk, but I would have ot say there are parts of L.A. Story which I quite enjoyed.

The all-time laughs for me came from All of Me. The fakir Indian guy in that movie stole the show for me though, suddenly understanding that the soul has to go "bakinbol" just made me laugh so much.

You can only be in so many good movies when you're pretty much typecast as a zany comic. Steve Martin has probably been victim of a lack of serious rôles to prove his worth as a straight actor. Somebody will possibly correct me and tell me he has played straight in some obscure movie now.



Well, I think Martin has done a thing or two with serious roles (Grand Canyon springs to mind) but most of the things he has done were indeed comedies. I think people could be convinced that Martin should be able to play straight roles (he has made some more or less serious comedies where he was not required to mug in front of the camera all the time), but since he has lately been such a big success in zany comedies (the good opening weekend of Pink Panther proving this) I think we will be seeing him in plenty more of those.

Like Chad says, it would be great to see him in something more innovative though, even if it's an innovative zany comedy (like All of Me and more of his earlier work).

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