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Shane Betmarik

Where could I get the decals or even a picture of the 53 decals. I want to make a replica of the Herbie that never was. The red Herbie that was originally to be cast in the movie.


I need to know what the lats movie is it's before herbifullyloaded but after her goes bananas. Could you help me out plz?



Visit our new website called Love Bug Central Web.
This site is dedicated to the "Herbie" The Love Bug movies and all of his fans around the world. We have put together this site to honor Herbie via information, photos, interviews and contributions by Fans. This site was designed by a few but showcases the generous donations of many.


Yes....www.lovebugcentral.com is the home of the most comprehensive shared information of "Herbie" and his movies on the planet! ...Please visit us and post a comment.



I've been over to www.lovebugcentral.com ?
They have TONS of great stuff there and their message board is populated by really knowledgeable Herbie fans. Another place I like is Herbie The Love Bug Fan Club and Historical Society. This was the first site set up for Herbie fans. Check them out.


Bar Mats

It was a really great thought! Simply would like to say thank you for that information you've shared. Just keep up coming up with this type of content. I most certainly will stay your faithful reader. Many thanks.

Jacob Rodman

Yeah! Old school Herbie ROCKS. When I was a kid, I used to tell my dad that I want us to have a Herbie in the garage. He did get a used Beetle. He had it painted with Herbie's color, only without the number. Man, I sure miss that car. We sold it before we left Indianapolis. Oh, I like the answers "more racing", "more wheelies" and "less CGI". I agree to all of them, 100%.

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