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172 The top ten


Wednesday 28 December 2005 Indeed, there are several of the big movies of the year that I have not seen yet, like King Kong, Narnia and Broken Flowers, so the following top ten is not complete yet and will probably be finalised somewhere next month. However, if you are not a professional movie critic who sees everything at press events, it's difficult to really come up with a top ten for a year until a few years later, when you have been able to catch the movies on dvd or tv and can honestly say you have seen all the good movies of a year. Then again, this did not stop Empire Magazine from making their top 20, so what's stopping me?

It's always hard to make a top ten, especially if you have seen so many good movies in a year like last year. I had to leave History of Violence, Team America, Million Dollar Baby, Sideways, Ray, Hotel Rwanda and a good many other great movies off the list. even though I thoroughly enjoyed those. I'm sure they will be in the top twenty I will eventually put together, but they are sadly absent now. You will find in my top ten a lot of big movies that might make you raise some eyebrows, but I have never really let the general opinion of a movie influence my own. I always pride myself on including a few critically mauled box office disasters on my list, although I promise you that I dont actively go looking for them. My taste just has a few quirks here and there... In total, I saw about 48 movies this year, was able to catch most of what I wanted to see, and save for those three I mentioned earlier (and Elizabethtown), I am confident I have caught all my top ten candidates.

So, enough babbling, here we go!

=10 (tie) Star Wars Episode 3/Kingdom of Heaven
I love my movies big and spectacular, and both of these answered to that. One was a massive success, one only a success outside of America. I think the final Star Wars movie provided the perfect rollercoaster ride and I have rarely been this stunned while watching a movie. Ewan McGregor, one of my actors of the year, is fantastic in this, and so is Yoda! I also loved Kingdom of Heaven. I really dig these big epics, and Kingdom did not dissapoint. I still have to see the directors cut, but this one pleased me immensely as well. Am I one of the few people left who think Orlando Bloom is really a good actor?

9 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
The first 30 minutes of this movie I was in nostalgia heaven, as Tim Burton was able to capture the mood of the book perfectly. After that it went a bit of the rails, but it was still marvelous fun. Depp was great as usual, Freddie Highmore shows he is someone to watch and Tim Burton outdid himself in the visual department.

8 The Island
Now you are probably scratching your head, but I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It was on my most wanted list since I saw the teaser trailer and I thought it was great. Again, Ewen McGregor kicked ass, and Scarlett Johansson showed she can be equally great in thoughtfull movies as she is in big action spectaculars. Besides, the story was intelligent, the mood and music wonderful and I got a big kick out of this.

7 Kung Fu Hustle
Probably the craziest movie I have seen all year, and maybe also the most fun I had while watching a movie. Hard to do justice in words, but let's say that it's a hysterical classic.

6 Sin City
Truly amazing visuals and style, great acting, the perfect comic book conversion. Bring on part 2!

5 Batman Begins
Truly amazing visuals and style, great acting, the perfect comic book conversion. Bring on part 2!

4 The Station Agent
A small movie (no pun intended), but a big delight.

3 The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
I love Wes Anderson's movies and this one is no exception. When is Bill Murray going to get that bloody Oscar already?

2 Cinderella Man
I'm a sucker for this sort of manipulative sports movie, especially when you have brilliant actors like Russell Crowe and Paul Giamatti in it!

1 Napoleon Dynamite
Okay, it didn't actually come out in cinemas in Holland, but it was supposed to be released this year. The fact that it only came out on DVD is a disgrace, since this movie had me laughing harder than anything else during the year. Besides that, it's so full of invention, I could not stop thinking about it for longer than any other movie this year.

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