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Secret Window (dvd)

Secret_window Friday 19 December 2004 Stick Johnny Depp in any type of movie, and it's bound to be a success. Because even though Secret Window is not the most inspired movie of the year, thanks to Depp it's still fun to watch.

In Secret Window (* * *), based on a story by Stephen King, Depp is Mort, a successful writer of thrillers, who has recently been through a rough spot in his life. He is divorcing his wife and moved out of their house, to a small cabin somewhere in the woods. There, he is trying to write his new book, but is struck by a bad case of writers block. Things get even worse when one day there is a strange man at the door (John Turturro). He claims that Mort stole one of his stories and used it to write his most popular book. The man is intent on getting retribution: he wants the truth out, or unpleasant things might start to happen. Mort is sure the man is lying, but nonetheless starts doubting himself, especially when bad things do start to happen...

Secret Window is a fun thriller. It keeps you guessing right up to the end and knows how to bring on the suspense. Depp is enjoying his role as troubled writer, while Turturro can add another kooky character to his already extensive filmography. I always try to not guess too much what will happen in movies like this, so that the ending comes as a surprise, and I was not dissapointed with the conclusion of Secret Window. It's a nice and dark wrap-up of a nice and dark little movie.

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a worth watching movie.. leaving a great lesson!
i m glad that it doesn't seem like wasting my time

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really cool movie...i saw it...awesome script...:)

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I haven't seen the movie yet but by reading the blog my Interest has increased a lot, I will definitely watch this as soon as possible.

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Secret Window is a great movie which i've enjoyed watching, with Johnny Depp as the leading man.

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Johnny Depp i my favorite actor he is talented and hi movies are great.

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Secret Window was my favorite movie in that year. They all player amazingly.

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Johhny Depp is a gorgeous actor, one of the best in the last 20 years.

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There aren't many movies based on Stephen King's books that they are good enough. but I have to admit that there are exception to the rules. I haven't watched this movies and I hope that it is good enough like Green mile.

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