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feairah miller

i love this story so much i am reading the book about it

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Same Here. I also love this story. Thank you for writing !

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A rich, layered and often funny script, with some decent scares, as well as some knowing, hip scenes that satisfy with their edgy moments and lines.

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Monster house is movie very funny, I like this movie, my little brothers enjoyed this movie!

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There is, for instance, a small love triangle going on between the two boys and their female companion, and this is handled in a funny, sweet way, that won't get on your nerves and doesn't interfere with the main storyline too much.

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You made me want to see it, I didn't like many of the animated movies, especially because of the musical part, but Ice Age and Wall-E were nice. I'm sure I'll enjoy this. Thanks!

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Presumably startled to be receiving a call from an international celebrity, the boyfriend ended up asking, "Who are you to care about us?" Eduardo then confidently stated, "If you don’t want this baby, I will take it. I will adopt the child!" Eduardo made the same heartfelt offer that his character had made in Bella.

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I love it, the movies are so cool, the animals are so intelligent I would like to have all in my house, my favorite one of Eight Below!!22d2

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Monster house was a crappy movie, I prefer House of the Damned! is far better.

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