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Tahlia Kertesz

I think dat all ur info is pretty gud but i heard taht elizabeth kisses jack for some reason and will sees it and im kind of lost of what happens with all that


Pirates 2 is just as good as pirates 1. I've watched them many times and I can not wait for Pirates 3.. I think Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley make a wonderful couple and I hope she realizes that and the writers realize that is what the public wants in this movie. Every since he saved her at the beginning of Pirates 1, we've been waiting patiently for Captain jack and Elizabeth to fall inlove.


well, i agree with you all 100%. Jack and Elizabeth need to get together, otherwise it's kinda pointless for me. but i don't think that they will end up together b/c that would just be to good to be true, god forbid the writers actually accomodate the audiances. anwho this is an awesome movie and i am sure number 3 will be just as good if not better( unless jack and liz don't get together)


hmmm i think that in the end (as it happens in all movies)
Elizabeth will stay with William.
and who wouldnt? lol
Orlando Bloom plays the party too well ;D


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I loved this movie. Jack Sparrow is one of the best characters of all. will turner is also a good one but there is no doubt that jack rules!

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