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Eric the Peric

Jeroen Yellowhat is the Jan Mulder of Podcasts!


Hi, I just want to tell you your podcast has been added to Experience Podcasting at If possible, I hope you can link back to us.


I think you could have researched this topic better. There is much more happening in the download scene that you tell. Quality for instance is a lot better than you mention. 5.1 and dolby is readily available.

Another reason for downloading a DVD is that you might already have bought a video and don't want to pay again for the same movie.

DVD are way to expensive, the profit margin on DVD's is 50 to 60% while the margin on video is much more reasonable like 20%.

Another reason is that original DVD's are crippled, you are not allowed do do everything you want with it. Some DVD's you have to watch the trailers or the disclaimers you are unable to skip them.

Just my 0.02 cents...


Richard, thanks for your comments. I agree that we have not been able to touch upon everything concerning the downloading of movies. Your argument that people might have already bought the movie on Video and don´t want to pay for it again is indeed a very good argument. It´s ridiculous to have to pay for the same movie twice. Especially since, like you say, DVD´s are very expensive. After we finished recording the show, we realized that we had not really discussed the price of DVD´s, although it was on our list of things. It´s a bit weird that movie studio´s say that downloading DVD´s is hurting their business, and at the same time there are press releases saying that the sale of DVD´s is making more money than ever. It gives a bit of a double message.
Personally I hate the unskippable parts of DVD´s as well. It´s my DVD, so I should be able to do with it whatever I want. If I want to skip to a certain part I should be able to. It´s almost like buying a book and being forced to read the credits and foreword and advertising for other books before you are allowed to start with the actual story.

Thanks for your two cents! We appreciate that you are keeping us sharp!

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