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I am very excited about the mention of the Wonder Woman movie, but I must say as a loyal fan of over 20 years, who has also waited that long for the movie, is perturbed about the choice of pryanka she does not resemble or evoque the character of Princess Diana, seems to me that whoever casts such a lead must be a fan of WW at least,


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The rest of his oeuvre is, shall we say, iffy. ;-) Lynch seems to have great faith in human love, and he often handles it with considerable power and beauty, but the violent and perverse circumstances in which his characters are often placed make much of his work hard to recommend.

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in this list, and in my opinion there's only one movie, Iron Man, this movies was the best, because Ghost Rider was a real piece of...sorry I get excitement, but is true, beside Iron Man have Gwyneth Paltrow, men this women look surprisingly beauty in this movie.

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