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Keith Demko

I'm going to see Monster House today and am really looking forward to it .. hope it is indeed a throwback to the fun of the 80s

steven davies

I want to watch"happy feet",but I want to know is it really good animated film?

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The rest of his oeuvre is, shall we say, iffy. ;-) Lynch seems to have great faith in human love, and he often handles it with considerable power and beauty, but the violent and perverse circumstances in which his characters are often placed make much of his work hard to recommend.

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Thanks for sharing this, I just loved Monsters House it's pretty funny. By the way I recently watched with my youngest brother and we enjoyed a lot.

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Happy Feet is the favorite animated movie of my son, I remember that when we went to watched it he was 5 years old, he said me "Daddy it is the most amazing movie ever"!!

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YEah this movies are a succeed right now even in this times, adults prefer this movies, specially womans.


I liked flushed away i fully enjoyed the movie till the end.
Thank you for directing these type of movies.


Nice work here.!

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