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Hate rachel mcadams she has to be the most overrated young actress ever. She is an average actress, and i find her looks even more bland maybe its the lack of any thing at all interesting about her that makes so many fools love her after all she'll never challenge her audience is she?


ur so wrong Lucy.she's a great versatile actress and even if u don't like how she looks, ( i think she's beautiful) It's horrible that u,especially since ur a girl judge an actress on her physical appearance rather than acting ability. She's a great actress. She makes all of her characters easy to empathize with even if the character happens to be a bitch. try not to judge based on looks, in this line of work it's horrible that women have to be dolled up with tons of make up and hairspray to be taken seriously.I <33 RAchel.


I love Rachel, she is pretty and a very good actress..i love the Note Book and Mean girls..... i am doing a biography on her right now!!


I think she's very bland looking as well. I totally agree with Lucy.


I think she's very bland looking as well. I totally agree with Lucy.


Most importantly, I have no idea why this girl gets so much hype. she has done nothing of note and she really lacks a great deal of depth. not to mention, her looks are attractive but nothing to make you turn around and stare. she seems like a perfect actress for light movies or supporting roles...definitely not a leading lady.

the flow

Lucy and falley, you girls are just jealous that Rachel is better and prettier than you and some of the ones I bet you like. *cough*Alba,Scar Jo*cough*

Compare the Red Eye and Island performances and then try your hardest to not sound like a retard.

Couldn't do it,huh? You are a moron after all.


Okay Lisa I did call Rachel bland. Which I still think she is in comparison to a lot of other celebrities. Believe me I could have been much crueller if I really wanted too. Yet I get accused of somehow betraying my gender! My dislike of Rachel has nothing to do with me turning on another girl just to be bitchy. It does however have everything to do with her being a hugely overrated actress. Your view of Rachel is your opinion, I just wish you would not twist mine to make a point.

Flow I find the accusation that I don’t like Rachel because of jealously a bit strange. Maybe you should look up Rachels imdb page, and read some of the bile that is written about other young actresses like Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley and Bryce Dallas Howard all because they get more attention or roles than Rachel, now that’s real jealousy.

You mentioned Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson in your post. I do find Jessica Alba far more beautiful than Rachel but since I don’t think Rachel is that attractive to began with that’s not really surprising. Thing about Alba is that at least people know she’s not that great an actress, no one’s claiming she is anything more than I pretty face.

As for Scarlett Johansson I do much prefer her to Rachel as well. She’s unique looking and, is when given the right role a million times better than Rachel could be.

Okay nice try with the compare The Island with Red Eye, shall we instead try The Hot Chick with … oh sorry I don’t believe that Scarlett has been in anything as bad as the Hot Chick to compare it with. Being trueful of course Scarlett is not perfect in everything but at least when Scarlett fails it’s interesting. Rachel only chooses one note romantic leads, she’s not a great actress all she does is the same safe characters again and again. There are tons of actresses that could have done a better job in any of the roles Rachel has played. But can you see anyone replacing Scarlett in The Girl With The Pearl Earring or Lost In Translation ? (correct answer no).

Also if you look at something more representative of both there careers, like there CVs Rachel’s is considerably less prestigious than Scarletts. No Woody Allen, Christopher Nolan, Brian De Palma or Sofia Coppola on Rachel’s but hey at least she’s working with the guy who directed Flight Plan you should like that.

One last point Flow,as well as being plain offensive if you think by using the word retard to insult me will somehow make your comments more insightful or true I really do pity you.

peter galvin

yo yo yo whats up reach im peter and i love you and i live in maryland and im 12years old


Just saw Morning Glory. Rachel McAdams' character is EXTREMELY annoying. Her performance was painful to watch. I tried my best to look happy because my wife really wanted to see it, but jeez it was hell watching this young lady "act." I hate her big teeth smile with her cheek wrinkles and her "goody goody look at how cute I am" attitude. UGH! I can appreciate a decent chick flick, but from now on I'm going to have to take a stand and avoid any future films with her. Still haven't seen The Notebook but my wife said we should watch it. It's going to be hell. Oh how I long for Steel Magnolias or Sabrina...


Rachel is not yet fully the best actress of all time. Although she is extremely talented. I dont find her bland at all and she didnt look so pretty in Mean Girls the mole was kinda bugging me and the light on her face was bad. I loved the movie very mcuh. though she clearly convinced me and I thought she was going to be a bitch in most of her movies as well as most people but she didnt at all. I love how in every movie her character always convinces me and changes so much its amazing. Rachel McAdmans will be the #1 best actress. To me she already is.

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