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What are some movies that are gonna be shooting in orlando,florida? when? and what movie?
Im tryna become an actress and i wanna audition for a part in the movie!

buy propecia

What are some movies that are gonna be shooting in orlando,florida? when? and what movie?
Im tryna become an actress and i wanna audition for a part in the movie!


guyz...actually "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" is considered the gretest flop ever; its estimated budget was $100 million, but it earned only $7,103,972, a return of just 7.1 percent.

next to this is the "Cutthroat Island"


Didn't waterworld eventually make a profit,
And what about Delgo
Budget: $40 000 000
Gross Reveue: $694 782


Wagons far, the worst movies ever!!

Brad Richards

For my buck, I think the worst movie with a successful lead actor was "Riders of the Storm" from 1986 with Dennis Hopper. Luckily, not even the cable network will show it. Funny it is no longer listed in his filmography on IMDB, but you can buy it on Amazon.


"13th warrior" was like "pitch black", most people didnt know how great these movies were because when they came out they were shadowed by other huge titles and just didnt go see them. A real shame, definitely a great movie!

Tom Spencer

13th Warrior & the Alamo were great movies!!! The same premise essentially. A handfull of brave people holding out against impossible odds. And for all the right reasons.

Mary is dumberest

@Mary Sigley: do you proofread your movie knowledge before posting comments? Dumb and Dumberer was the sequal (prequal) to Dumb and Dumber. How ironical.

Jack Fisher

biggest flops and Msn has a picture of Nixon, I say Carter was a bigger flop, but where is his pic, and now Barrack Husein Obama is the the worst President in the History of the USA No pic of him, Msn just gave away their political affiliation,thats bad for business!!!

Carl Wheat

What about Shaq's movie Shazam. Priceless...

Sharon L

Waterworld was just plain bad. If women didn't turn in to see Kevin Costner, it wouldn't have made any money, and he didn't do well in it anyway.


i like the concept of what considers a movie a 'flop'...

i have to say though, i loved "cutthroat island"...but like you say, good movies can still changes everything...


The postman was a great movie wth

A. Hands

Biggest Spielberg flop was the war comedy "1941" with late actor John Belushi

Jane Doe

1) I would say SPIELBERG's biggest flop (not financially, but in a movie HE MADE - not distributed by his company) would be "GOONIES".

2) Where is "HOWARD THE DUCK"...Lucas and Spielberg ARE the two best and greatest, in my opinion of the 70's - 90's+, but this one was REALLY BAD. I mean a duck sleeping with a really terrible girl "rock star". I know he really didn't work on it that much - it was the directors - the HUYCKS..still, he had to have seen it.


I love the movie "Goonies" and "Howard the Duck"!!! I grew up watching those movies. "Goonies is definately a Classic. What is one thing in that movie that is not Funny???


Now I do agree on the Saw movies. I was really into I think the first three, but after Jigsaw died, I really wasn't interested anymore. Kramer however was a Great Actor in those movies and the special effects were the best!! I Love Gory movies and I believe these ones take the cake!


I walked out of Pearl Harbor. What a bore. Ben Afflect's career took a hit after that turkey


Some posters have wondered why "The Blair Witch Project" and the "Saw" movies didn't make this list. It's simple! It's because they cost next to nothing to make but still pulled in big bucks at the box office!

Allan Lawhorn

Sorry to hear The Alamo was a flop. My nephew was in it as an extra. I thought it was pretty darn good.

Janis Joplin

It is egos, not ego's.


Pearl harbor, rewrites history. if it had happened this way we would all be speaking japonese today. A real stinker. I still cringe when I see it on cable.
Heavens Gate, a box office flop of mega proportions, but really not so bad.
Once upon a Time In America, impossible plot continuity, but with good performances.

Michael Bednarz

Bad Boyz 2- Neighbors- Ishtar- We're No Angels-Sahara-Waterworld Thats my list of top stinkers.

Big Guy

I'm surprised to see that classic stinker of all time Heaven's Gate not on this list. It was incerdibly expensive to make, and lost its director instant placment into oblivion.

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