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m french

Wow what original review comments, such as "And there are plenty things wrong with this monstrosity, most of all the fact that it was released at all." Why does every critic have to rehash all the same worn-out bashing quips?
Cuz it's easy, that's why!


JeeezzzusKrissst! Do ANY of you people (including the "critic" that wrote the article) have any kind of a LIFE???? What have YOU created??? What have YOU done?? I've created. I'm proud of what I've done, but I know I can do better, so I'm working on it. It's pretty rare that I get on a forum like this, but you people have really pi**ed me off. If you are so superior, then why don't you do the entire universe a huge favor, and make the best movie, song, recipie, architecture, painting, etc, etc, ever, so the rest of us degenerate morons can just rot away in peace.


Alamo 1960 - John Wayne Davy Crockett vs Alamo 2004 Billy Bob Thornton ... Davy Crockett Actually neither would be bad for a DVD night

Free Movies

A Sound of thunder and The 13th Warrior are my all-time favorites. Can't understand how all the Saw's Movies did not make your list.


I believe "Delgo" is the biggest flop in movie history, both in box office and as a movie.


I thought Waterworld would have been there.


13th warrior is my all time fev movie ....there are too many ppl without brain if this movie was a flop ....grrrrrrr :(

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