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can you tell me how much the movie War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise made to date? And if it was considered a hit or flop by the studio who made the film.
Thank you


War of the Worlds cost 132 million dollars to make, and made 591 million dollars worldwide. 234 of those millions were made in the US, the rest was thanks to foreign moviegoers. As far as I know, the studio was very pleased with this result, although lots of moviegoers were less excited about the movie...


Can you tell me if your information about movie flops is based on absolute loss on worldwide gross or just loss on USA box office.
Thank you.

isaac ellis

what would you say spielbergs biggest flop was?


What about waterworld?

Randy Paynter

To be fair I always thought Disney was weak.

Andrew Cheater

[email protected]

so how do you explain Superman ?


the 13th warrior? im shocked i thought that that film was superb, they never make films like that any more. When British cinema died so did films from that era. (Gone the way of the western i guess... shame).


"Can't stop the Music" starring the Village People, Bruce Jenner. Directed by Nancy Walker. EEEEEEWW!!!!!!!! So bad it's good?


Heaven's Gate?

danny nolan

I have just watched Monkeybone.

Awful. Truly awful. I would like to interview everyone involved with the commissioning of this and ask them 'what in the name of God did you think you were doing?'

Filipo Dimwit

How does one judge "The Soloist?" The acting by Downey and Foxx was superb but the movie still stank. I'm confused.


what do you all think of these movies:

-men in black I & II, really don't understand why these movies make so much money. Complete no-brain movies.

-Hancock; probably the worst movie Will Smith has ever made. Why on earth did this movie made box office gold?

-bulletproof monk. Stupid movie and even more stupid acting.

-Open water. Worst movie ever. And you know what?? They made open water 2. Im speechless.

-And I think we saw enough SAW movies.

J. Warner

I have to say I love A Sound Of Thunder, ive seen it several times and love it, its WAY better then some big hits, special effects are great and story not too hokey, ok some problems but deserves a look.

Tom E

Don't forget the non-movie "Blair Witch Project"-what a bogus stinker!

jo jo

Let's face facts. Battlefield Eath with John Travolta was just mawvalous!


With Sci Fi and Fantasy films unless you are making a 2001 type film you have to spend big to ow ah the crouds. But that can spell a money loss if the film does not over preform. I think Avatar had to make 600 million to be considered a sucess because of cost to make

Donna miller

its no wonder from justin to kelly flopped
like Simon Cowell says "that was dreadful

Brent Norris

I'm shocked that "The Alamo" was on any kind of "Movie Flop" list. I thought it was really good and watch reruns of it anytime I get a chance. I didn't know John Wayne ever made a movie that was rated anywhere but between Good and Great.



Mary Sigley

To ScribbleKing: Do you ever proofread your work before posting? You turned Dumber and Dumber into Dumb and Dumberer! And there were more silly errors also.

To commenter Brent Norris: The J. Wayne movie The Alamo was huge. There must have been an attempted remake if Ron Howard pulled out of the film. Ron was a little child when the original was released circa 1960. I am a contributor on IMDb.

Sharon Junger

A Sound of thunder and The 13th Warrior are my all-time favorites. Can't understand how all the Saw's Movies did not make your list.

Frank Araujo

I think some of your viewers are confused about the Alamo. It's obvious that the listing is NOT the classic with Duke Wayne, Chill Wills, Richard Widmark and Laurnce Harvy but the remake with Thornton, et al.


Does this include worldwide? I though Speed 2 lost over 110,000,000 in terms of us box-office vs. budget.


"Sahara" a movie from 2005 had total losses of $121,730,514 making it the top movie for money losses.

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