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Tony Myles

This just sounds like fun!


great interview, a movie would be great.!


the girl standing next to joker is that his girlfriend i dont know what to call her so i cant give u a name she is wearing red n black and has that thing on her i know this sounds crazy but i really want to know whats her role or what she is called!!

thank you


AAAAHHHHH!!!! I had no idea that I loved GPW so much.. I must be a part of it!!!

Thank you so much for the interview!


She is ... Harley Queen!!

or psicologist Harlem Quinzel


i love harley quinn!!


it's Harley Quinn. the character was created in the Batman animated series and skyrocketed in popularity. She is not to be mistaken for The Harlequin, another Batman villain from the comics.

Harley's real name is Harleen Quinzel, who was a reputed psychologist who obsessed over and fell in love with the Joker.

i've seen GPW at a few Comic-Cons so far and these guys are some of the best around. a real cool lot.


Wow, cool I've never seen this before. I'm a Big fan of Harley Quinn. I've got one of the animation cells hanging on my computer room wall as well as the model sheet cell, figure, and several of the comic versions of mad love. Harley Quinn rules.

E^D Crow

Best Harley Quinn - EVER!

the dude

Cheeses cripes, she looks great! Well done, madam. Wow. Just... wow.



i cant believe such a place really is the mad hatter a part of batman?just wondering.the costumes and such are fucking awsoome!i love this site and i hope i can get to go to a comic-con to see them in performence!

Kevin Daniels

Harley Quinn and the Joker are the coolest characters around, both in costume and in real life. It's hard to get near them at Comic-con. Whoever discovers their talents and uses them will be lucky indeed!


dear gotham publics i am a grat fan of harley quinn and iwould like to know if her face really covered with the mask or just painted and how does she eat or breath
thanks alex


I would love to be part of GPW!! Or maybe just meet them. I'd obviously like to meet the Joker, then Harley and Two-Face would be my second and third choices.


She's extremely sexy. very hot. Wish I could find a girl like that!

Mike Sorge

For anyone curious...
She is named Tara Strand, and she is one heck of a GREAT-looking Harley Quinn!!!

You can go here (their GPW site) for galleries of her:

I would just LOVE to see these guys in person someday!!! :-D

Thanks a lot for the great interview!
Mike Sorge

James Sloan

Miss H. So Extremely cool, but aren't your eyes really Big beautiful and green, Not big beautiful and Blue-which is Still most awesome..You are so really dead on perfect. You guys-(especially you-HQ=TS), need to somehow take this out on the road, there has never really been A real LIVE Harley character> you would do her such justice, Or do for her Injustice-however she would do it...You are really so Perfect... Thank you guys & gals for this...James

sara rivera

this is so cool! love harley and the joker marriage proposal? ah shoot!!! its gonna be good i mean harley and mr j make a hell of a couple i just can't get enough of them!


i think harley is the prettiest harley ive ever seen. you should have seen her when she was a baby. and by the way, my name is coco, and harley is my niece. love you tara (aka harley)

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