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travis harris

Umm... I'm sorry if I'm frank, but wouldn't you say that The Last Boy Scout should go in the top ten worst buddy cop movies of all time. Me, being a large movie fan, wouldn't agree entirely, and I'm sure you expected to hear this from some asshole, but I'd say that Lethal Weapon and especially Die Hard with a Vengeance are both by far better than any other movies on this list, and that isn't to say you didn't pick nohting but crap, just The Last Boy Scout. No offense, and I am a huge fan of Bruce Willis (he's actually my favorite actor), so I'm actually gonna' put criticism behind and and give you a special kudos for actually taking the time to make a top ten list for what could possibly be on the top ten list of worst sub-genres of all time. So , good job, and I hope I didn't upset you. Keep making lists, I'd love to read them.

travis harris

Hey, I'ts me again, you just taught me something new by the way, I never knew until just now that Tony Scott made this movie. Or that Shane Black wrote the script. Scott made one of my all time favorite movies ever (True Romance) so I apologize. I would recommend this movie to any movie fan who is tired. This is actually maybe a fun movie, if it weren't for so much of the dramatic attention that the filmmakers attempt to lay in our laps during hard edged scenes. Oh well, it should go in the top twenty greatest instead, but who am I to even question your opinion? Bye... again...


I agree fully with your pick of "The Last Boy Scout" as #1 on this list. Actually I was pleasantly surprised to see this movie at the top. Not too many people realize how great this movie truly is. Some have never seen it, especially since it's been a while since it came out.
The truth is, this is my favorite action movie of all time. It has incredible action sequences, the best "cop buddy" dialogue EVER, and a great villian in Milo.
There are so many memorable scenes:
- The scene with the hand puppet coughing up bullets! LOL
- The final scene on the football field.
- The scene where Joe asks for a cigarette
- The scene with the car bomb
- The scene with Halle Berry as a stripper...Hahaha
- The shootout in the office before the final scene on the football field.
And many more!
And the dialogue:
- "I AM the bad guy" Milo
- "Surf's up!"
- "You hit me one more time and I'll kill you" (not sure about the exact quote)
- "Play rap music"
- The whole scene of dialogue with his wife when Joe finds out that there is a guy in the closet.
- "The kind that shreds" when Joe throws the "keys" in the fire
- "Hey Milo...Are you calling from the bottom of the pool?"
- "I can't figure out which one of you looks more like my dick"
Anyway, I'm trying to recall all the great lines from memory. I've seen the movie at least ten times, but it's been a while. I know there is a lot more. I'll have to watch the movie again!
The thing is, this movie is just perfect in every way for an action movie. And Bruce Willis is just his perfect drunk-bum-that-hates-the-world self. And Damon Wayans is the perfect buddy.
Add the great direction of Tony Scott and you have the greatest action movie ever!

Jordans Sneakers

I understand what you are saying, but you just seem to have forgotten that there are some other people in the world who view this issue for what it really is and may not agree with you. You may be turning away a lot of people who might have been fans of your blog.

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