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Nice list! It's good to see that you remembered some of the classics, though you did miss a few. I thought The Thing was intense, and Spider-Man 2 was also pretty classic. When it comes to the old games: the Addams Family platformgame on Amiga also would have deserved a spot. Any chance of a list of the worst moviegames?

Master G

A list of the best movie games and no ET? Shame on you! LMAO.

The Genius

what about the old Untouchables game on the Amiga? i remember that being pretty sweet. there were a lot of good moviegames on amiga, its just that they were overwhelmed by all the crap that came out. can i say beverly hills cop? uggh!

Slim Jones

God yes, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade! That game kept me up many a night back in the dayz! All those Lucasarts adventures were crazy, I loved Zak McKrakken, Sam and Max, Full Trhottle and of course Monkey Island! They should start making those games again, enough with all those first person shooters and whatchamacallits!


Man, that's a perfect list. Blues Brothers and Robocop hold many memories, and the "Calling your friends late at night" for Indy is perfect. I used to do it all the time.

And as for Goldeneye as the top bill? Yeah, I definately agree. I've played stacks of console first person shooters, and none of them stack up to Goldeneye64.


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