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george mcneil

please please make another movie as ive been waiting so long for superman returns!! it would just be cruel not to make another 1 now that weve all seen how fit brandon is in that suit!!!!!!!!!! xxxx

joe angeles

you guys would make my dreams come true, if they make another suprman movie.

sarah coleman

hi my name is sarah coleman
would all of you make another superman movie a new one please.



That would be an amazing movie

TK Da Man

Yes... Doomsday! What about Darkside? He's evil to the core, intelligent and incredibly cunning. I think Darkside should be in the next movie. Then Doomsday in the next. It should go like this...

Darkside comes to Earth and tells Superman that he is going to destroy it if he doesn't become his slave. Superman is forced to commit unbelievably evil acts of violence and other terrible things. The people of Earth lose their trust in him and he is forced into exile. Darkside convinces him to come with him to his home planet. There Kal-el begins his life as a slave, but has a plan to redeem himself and outwit Darkside at his own game. The producers can decide what they want to do with that because the scope of possibility is so large. He defeats Darkside in a huge planetary battle, barely coming out alive, then heads back to Earth using his Kryptonian ship. On the way back, he barely misses colliding into a small asteroid and continues on his path home. This is no ordinary asteroid. For it is the prison for Doomsday!!!! Doomsday is bound by an inpenetrable cell surrounded by this asteroid. Being that the Kryptonian ship is traveling at such a fast speed, it's momentum pulls the asteroid with it, but at a slower, steady pace. Giving Kal-el enough time to tell Lois the truth, teach his son about his true heritage, and train him to use his powers as Superboy. By this time, Doomsday should be coming in the picture. Tell me what you guys think about that idea...


The Death and Rebirth of Superman exctly as seen in the comics with no alteration for the screen play now that would be a refreshing change as the superman from the comics is the only one with the right attitude the movies have never managed to show Supermans never say die give it all attitude plus this opens up for a future Green Lantern movie (massive success I'm sure)it opens up for a Superboy movie and of all the charecter's in the DC Comics universe superboy is the most relatable to todays youth (Yes i mean the clone new superboy)all around it's not only a money making extravaganza it's bloody amazing entertainment that would show that superman is a relatable charecter even to todays youth and you get Doomsday The Cyborg Superman and Mongul along with the entire super family who could ask for more than that.


I thought Superman Returns was a great movie and I heard that their were some plans for the kryptonite island to return to earth.

travis mckoy

brainac!!!!thats all I got to say you can't bring doom or darkside in yet,it should be brainaic first then darkside!

Robert Flores

The next superman installment should have Bizzaro or Braniac that would be spectacular seenin them in the previews....think about how many pl would want to see superman beat up these guys

Matt Rosenberg

I'm hoping that Singer does the right thing and makes the next one with Bizzaro or Doomsday and reasons...Superman Vs Bizzaro would do three good things..1)bring in alot of money because who doesn't want to see Superman against his oppisite...2)Be able to expand the EX world...3)Be an awesome movie to watch(kinda one and two mixed)....Superman Vs Doomsday and Brainiac...Lets face it this would of been Superman Reborn(the Kevin Smith verison that died out) and could lead out to so much...if i was in Singer's shoes I would call up Smith and plead for that script and then do all kinds of shit with it....make it a 2 1/2 hour movie and have superman die in the first hour and 15 minutes then bring in steel, superboy, ect.. and have then take down Brainiac...then in the next movie have superman come back to take on Brainiac(who returned) or Bizzaro or Luther or who ever just make it a two part movie to show the death and rebirth of superman

Bill Fletsman

Those are some interesting comments guys. keep the ideas coming. Hi, I'm Bill Fletsmen and I've been a director for 14 years now. I've spoken to Bryan on quite a few different occasions in the past few weeks now, and discussed the screenplay for the next movie. Of course, this is classified information, but you up-and-coming directors are on the right track. On the Superman Returns team we tried to explore a different aspect to Superman in the latest movie, however, after the next movie which will involve some... familiar characters(due to be released 2009)we hope to go that bit further and introduce a story involving red kryptonite, so that we can see a darker side to Brandon. We will also be conjuring up a new suit, so look out for it! Thanks guys. B.F.


Hi clark kent,

how are you doing today? I want to become a supermen like you and I want to be like you because I like to help people. When do I see clark kent. I really want to see clark kent the superman.

Thank you

Maraphalla Chan

Anthony White

A new suit is a good idea! The last one seemed a little overdone with the material and all those "S's". Keeping it classic bright red and blue with the yellow "S" on the cape would bring smiles to many older and newer Superman fans. It truly symbolizes goodness and purity. The darker colors would fit well when he is on red kryptonite. That's just me, I like the original iconic image that created his reputation that stands to this day. I can't wait to see the next movie! It's always a challenge to beat out the Christopher Reeve films. He truly made you believe he was Superman. Here's to you Christoper Reeves!


who writes these lame scripts anyway? paying a great deal of homage to the original films to feed some nostalgic itch would never, ever make a profound impact to the moviegoing public's consciousness, much more than a good, satisfying movie can. singer's been given a great opportunity to continue (and improve upon) a legacy, but instead comes up with an overhyped, bland, lacklustre, and overtly long but tenuous film.

a great movie with a great story shines for itself, even if it doesn't try too hard. i say yea to a sequel/new release, if only to rectify the shortcomings of its precursors.

Anthony CNMCC

I for one thought the Superman Returns movie was very well done. However, if another Superman Returns movie is made may be more (ultra sexy) female superheroes could be in the plot line. Such as Super girl?

mario p

hi, i have watched over and over the 1970's and early 80'S superman movies and even if iam 29 years old i was so excited to learn they have made a superman return you wouldnt beleive. how stupid as it sound i felt like a kid again! lol anyway yes please do make other sequels of superman returns. you just cant stop the way superman return with his son and not do sequels.i am not too good in storie telling but the ones i have read up here sound darn good.


Lobo would be a good comic relief for superman and if turned by superman can be the badass partner needed to take down doomsday.

Jake Cicatello

make new movie !!


Forget about the red kryptonite, who cares. The only way the next movie will be a hit is to show, that when the time comes, Superman can kick some ... Doomsday or Darkside are those villians that can bring out the best in combat. All of the Superman movies are so soft. Show that that man of steel can actually be tough for once please.


I hate to be the spoiler but Brandon needs to hit the gym, the padded suit reminded me of a George clooney batman, The son story line was used way too early, could have used a couple of films before that was enter, just to ensure that 15yrs from now Supe`s franchise was still around, I did not care for the fact that superman struggled with a jumbo 747 but yet after being stabbed with kryptonite he manages to lift a whole island of the glowing green rock? I get Brandon is a tribute to Mr. Reeves and i thought that was a classy touch but......... Its time to let a real man wear the suit. The blue contacts are too obvious and if your gonna make the new one dark and gritty you`d better break out the late 80`s early 90`s get pumped super, kinda like the bond films go gritty get a bigger dude. oh and if your going to have lex yet again lets see here how about not giving him a michal rosenlbaum script and cast a gene hackman type luthor....




i think it would be good if the next movie will feature doomsday, but at the same supermans son is learning his powers.


I think that Superman returns was a good come back after a long waited brake from Christoper Reeves movies,,, but if your thinking about making another movie then yes superman needs to be bigger and look stronger! in every commic and every toy figger he has a six pac and a ripping chest and arms. Also what id like to see is superman have his sute taken away by one of the baddys so this would bring in a plot for the new superman outfit. Any comments please feel free to add.


i loved the movie,and evereybody i know did make it plz because it rocked a$$ and i cant wait to see the next one. im really wanting to know about how him and his son turn out,and his relationship with lois. thank u for reading and i hope u will make the movie so sooon to come.thank u for timothy

steffan gardner

the only thing rong in superman returns is that he dosnt have the emblem on the back of his cape

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