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you forgot about goonies... surely that blows hook out of the water arrrr!

ben campbell

What about the buccaneer with yul brynner charlton heston charles boyer? directed by anthony quinn from 1958 should at least be in top fifteen

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Oh come on! with all due respect- Peter Pen is THE BEST ever! Of all times, and don't eve try to take me up on this :) Great recommendations though.


Watler Matthau as Captain Red in Roman Polanski's 1986 film Pirates is one of the most entertaining portayals of a gentelman of fortune in pirate movie history and shouldn't be overlooked.Me finks gold dust ov im !


Yeah no Goonies, WTF? I'm going to throw Shipwrecked out there as well. Swiss Family Robinson?

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How are pirates today different from pirates a long time ago?


Yeah the Roman Polanski's Pirates should be somewhere on top ...

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Peter Pan is NOT a pirate movie...

And one of my favorites is the pirates of penzance spoof call "The Pirate Movie"

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"Cutthroat Island" is missing too..

Iron Mountain

How about cuttthroat island and Swiss family robinson the movie.


How about yellowbeard! A great comedy of a pirate movie, and a must for all you pirate lovers.


Love Love Love "Cutthroat Island"!


WTH? Dead Man's Chest was better than The CUrst of the Black Pearl!

Greg Bailey

Cutthroat Island is better than all of those movies, better than ANY of the Pirates of the Carribeans too.


Treasure Island from 1990 with Christian Bale, Charlton Heston, Oliver Reed, Christopher Lee, Pete Postlethwaite, and Julian Glover is my #1. Mainly because of the faithfulness to the original story and dialogue, the cast, the music, and the fact that the pirates are plausibly dirty scoundrels, neither silly nor noble.


where is muppets treasure island? Its a way better film than most of the movies you listed

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