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New update, June 20th 2007:

So, now you are thinking that the site still hasn't been updated, and that I'm lazy and that this site is dead. The thing is though, that over at www.scribbleking.com, I'm updating like a madman, with all the latest movie news, interviews and all sorts of other stuff. So, why don't you head on over there, while I sit and wonder to myself why I haven't posted that here earlier.

In case you are wondering about the comic: I'm in the process of bringing it back, but that will take at least a few months more. I'm working on making the comic by hand, and I'm figuring out a really great storyline (yeah, like I'm going to say it's not great) that will have you glued to your seat every day (at least for the ten seconds it takes to read the comic). I'm thinking about making the old comics into a book, and have the release tie in with the start of the new style comic (cross promotion, wow, is that advanced or what?), so head on over to www.scribbleking.com to be kept up to date, also of all the latest happenings in movie world.

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