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Monday 7 August 2006 A few weeks ago, I received the box set of the first season of Lois and Clark. I used to love that series when it was first broadcast in the beginning of the nineties, and I was a bit worried that it would not have stood the test of time very well. After watching about half the season during the past weekend, I can say that surprisingly enough: it has. Sure, the special effects in the show are hopelessly outdated, as are most of the women's hairstyles and, and some of the main characters in the show overact a bit too much here and there, but Lois and Clark is still a very fun way to pass the time. The storylines are simple but interesting, the comedy moments are still frequently funny, and, maybe most important, the romance between Lois and Clark/Superman still works.

Dean Cain really was a very cool Superman, while Teri Hatcher still ranks as my favorite Lois Lane (sharing the title with Margot Kidder). When the show was first on, I was totally smitten with her, like every guy my age, and in the early days of the Internet Teri Hatcher was the most downloaded actress in the world. And after seeing the show again, I can only say that she really did have a special something that still makes her stand out.

It was also fun to watch the show with my wife. Although she did not watch all the episodes together with me, she did pop in every now and then to catch an episode or two. It's funny that she fell over most of the things that guys are supposed to find annoying, like the bad special effects, and she did not seem quite as into the whole Lois/Clark/Superman thing as I was. What struck her as most annoying was the fact that nobody could see that Clark was really Superman.

I browsed a little bit on the internet to find some information about the show, and saw that people who used to watch the show are divided into two camps. There's a camp that loves the show, and then there's a camp that thinks it's stupid, and that it ruins the history of the character. I don't agree with camp two. Lois and Clark may have been a simple series that misses a lot of the elements of the comic series, but you have to wonder if that is a bad thing. I used to collect Superman comics, and even now buy the occasional trade paperback, but the stories I enjoy the most are the ones that are the least connected to the running comic series. The thing with those series is, that there is such a huge amount of backstory, that it is almost impossible to follow what is going on if you are not up to speed. There are so many different characters, so many plotlines, that the comics seem to have a hard time telling a good story without tripping over everything that has happened before. Honestly, I am interested in Superman, in Lois Lane, in the Daily Planet and the people working there, Metropolis, Lex Luthor, Supergirl, Superboy, Krypto, Steel and some of the other minor characters populating the Superman universe, but I don't want to have to suffer through endless stories with alternate realities, hundreds of different villains and all the other incomprehensible stuff that goes on in the pages of the comic book. Lois and Clark, like the wonderful Superman Returns, distills the Superman experience to something that is accessible and understandable. Most of all, it can tell it's stories without having to constantly explain whatever has happened before.

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