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211 See Pirates


Monday 17 July 2006 Yeah, I saw Pirates 2, though not three times yet. I had a blast with it, thought it was very funny and adventurous, and what more can you ask for from a movie?

I've had the same problem as our hero has today, and no matter how hard you try to turn things around for the better, you always manage to put yourself into more trouble. All he wants to do is take Lotte to the movies, and all he does is to get himself further away from that. Wonder how this will end? Keep posted!

What is it with all these stage magician movies nowadays? First we have The Illusionist coming up, and then later this year The Prestige. And, if all goes well, next year Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. Well, I think these movies could all be very cool (The Prestige is especially looking very good), and it's nice to see a new subgenre emerge. I'm just curious to see how many different story ideas screenwriters can come up with before the movies start to look a little bit too much like each other...

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