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Monday 3 July 2006 Man, Superman Returns is great! I saw it at the Meta Sound studios in Amsterdam, as a guest of Warner Bros last friday. Meta Sound is the company in Holland that does the Dutch dubbing for practically every animated movie released over here (no, live-action movies are not dubbed into Dutch, luckily!). They have their own screening room with great sound and a very clear picture, and a select group of Dutch journalists (me? select? woohoo!) were invited to see the movie early, since it's only released over here in August. Before Superman started, we got a twenty minute preview of the very cool (no pun intended) looking Happy Feet, Warners animated comedy about tap dancing penguins. I'll post some more about that later in the week.

But then Superman started, and everybody in the screening room was brought back to their youth, and to the very first time they saw the original Superman. Men were once again transformed to little boys, wishing they could soar through the skies themselves, while the women in the room were looking glittery eyed at the romantic scenes featuring Supes and Lois Lane (or maybe they also wished to be soaring, who knows!). I think it was absolutely magnificent, and right now I'm wondering which is my favorite superhero movie ever: this or Batman Begins. I'm not sure yet, but if I decide later this week, I'll be sure to let you know.

You can read my review over here, or my new review of Cars over here.

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