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209 It's Over

Scribble_comic_209 Monday 26 June 2006 Being a fan of the Dutch national football team means you are carrying a lot of trauma's with you. Even though the Dutch team has consistently been one of the teams playing the most attractive football, and even though they have always done well at big tournaments (well, maybe not always, but quite a lot of times), the big titles have always eluded us (save for the European Title in 88). And alas, this World Championship will also not be the first one for us to grab the cup and raise it. Even though Holland has a fresh, exciting team, their inexperience showed yesterday in their horrible game against Portugal. I'm saying horrible game, since 16 yellow cards were handed out, as well as 4 red ones. It was one of those games where me and my wife and our friends were jumping up and down the couch for 90 minutes, cursing at everything that happened that was not in our favor (which was sadly a lot) and giving mean looks to the Portugese restaurant opposite the street. Still, we lost, 1-0, and it sucks.

Well, it's over now, and even though there are still many more games to be played, and even though I watched almost every game before this one (I mean, I saw all the Dutch games and almost every game by the other teams), I think I won't be watching too much anymore, or at least not with full attention. I'll root for the Aussies and their Dutch coach Guus Hiddink now, and hope that England will defeat that bunch of diving actors that calls themselves the Portuguese national football team. Oh, and while you are at it, could you also defeat Germany and Brazil? Thank you!

Positive thing: Finally we can watch movies again! Woohoo! And what better way to celebrate that than by watching three Uwe Boll movies in a row?

Wait, that didn't sound right...

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Yes, I was very dissapointed... but still watch the World Cup, as Im a football lover anyway.

Better luck in two years time ;)

I'm not that sad that the WC is almost over now... indeed, more time for movies and games!


Posted by: Michel Musters | Jun 27, 2006 11:32:12 AM

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