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207 Job Stress


Monday 22 May 2006 When I was a kid, and older people used to ask me what I wanted to become when I was old, I never once thought there was a possibilty that this answer would one day lead to stress, greying hair and little to no time for fun things. I had this magnificent plan to get rich in a few years time, but with all this work my boss has me doing, I hardly have time to execute this fiendish plot.

It sucks, because I can only update the website on a very irregular basis now. I'm going to try and work a bit in advance though, so that the Monday/Wednesday/Friday can be maintained in a more steady rhythm. The good thing about being busy is that I also don't have time to update those fifty plus websites I have running here. If you have been surfing a bit over the Scribble King Network (*cough*) you will know that I maintain many different sites based on a certain movie or actor/actress. Well, take a good last look at all those subsites, because a) they will not be updated anymore (at least not a lot) and b) in a few weeks from now they are probably gone forever. In my neverending quest to get make this site bigger and better, I have been forgetting what it is that used to make this site so much fun for me to make: watching movies and then writing about them. In my never ending ambitions towards bigger and better things, I have more or less forgotten this, which not only made me even more stressed out, but which also made it more difficult to update every single part of this website more regularly than once every fortnight.

Well, do you hear that cutting sound? That's me cutting away all the excess bagage from the site, and stripping it down to just this particular page with the comic, the page with the reviews and a page with interesting articles about movies and what makes it so great to be a movie fan. Making the decision to cut all the other sites has dropped a great load from my back, and I can tell you I am finally excited again to write lots of new stuff for the site. You can start seeing the new articles from next Monday (that's the 29th), when, amongst other things, you will find reviews of X-Men 3 (very cool), Mission Impossible 3 (also very cool) and The Da Vinci Code (dissapointing, though nowhere near as bad as a lot of the other reviews say). Do check back this wednesday though for a new comic :)

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