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205 Snakes on a Plane


Friday 5 May 2006 The inspiration for this comic comes from somebody actually asking me this question. But you know, I understand the question. Nowadays in Hollywood movies the plots are intricate and convoluted, and then when a movie comes along where you know everything you need to know just from hearing the title, it's kind of confusing...

Making a weblog is a frustrating business. When you just have a log for friends and family, where you tell about the things that happened to you during the day, a weblog is a really fun thing to do. But when you are like me, and you want to make a weblog that attracts tens of thousands of visitors each day, then frustration is bound to come along one day or another. I'm still struggling to find the right angle for my weblog. Through this weblog, I want to bring forth the feeling I get when I watch movies, or when I read a great article in a movie magazine, or when I watch the trailers to the big summer movies. Somehow, however, I still have not been able to evoke that feeling in the way I want. I like this part of the site you are reading now, with the comic and the posts every other day. The other part of the site, however, ScribbleKing.com, is giving me a lot of headaches. Throughout the time that it's active, I must have changed it at least ten times, and neither of those times was I really satisfied with what I was doing. I'm at a point in time where I should just let it drop for a few weeks, not think about it and then when my mind is fresh again, I should have a new look at things. That's pretty difficult for me, however. I don't want things in a few weeks, or even tomorrow, I want them now! If the weblog was a physical thing, I would probably pick it up and throw it against a wall, maybe kicking it a few times afterwards for good measure. Not that it helps anything, but I'm sure it would help against the frustration.

A good thing that it's nice and sunny outside, so we can relax in the park or the forest. The good thing about a forest is that if you accidentally yell "What the F#ck am I going to do with my Weblog!" a few times, not too many people will hear you...

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