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142 Batman and Robin re-evaluated


Tuesday 18 October 2005 I decided to set myself a challenge. Every day while surfing the net, you see those ads that say things like: "You can get rich too!" or "Become the next Internet-millionaire!" And while I don't expect to one day drive in a Ferrari and own two mansions, I want to set out and try to earn a living off of my weblog. And I want to achieve this goal in exactly one year time.

You are probably wondering now: "There are millions and millions of weblogs, why would yours be successful enough to support yourself?" To which I answer: "I always like a challenge."

The odds are against me. From the Google ads on my homepage, I have in half a year time made 108 dollars. That's not exactly the amount of money you can live a wild jet set life off of, I know. However, after years and years of surfing the Net and reading succes stories here and there, I think I know what has to be done in order to make this site financially more successful (finally I can start calling all that wasted time surfing the net research!).

So here goes. From today on, I am not just making a weblog, I am making the next big thing. Or at least the next thing big enough to help this delusional weblogger make enough money to be able to go to the movies, buy games and have a healthy meal every now and then! Is it going to work out? Optimistic as I am, I will answer that question with yes. I will keep you posted here on how I'm doing.

By the way: I still think Batman and Robin sucks. And no, I will never give a movie or game a higher grade just to make sure that you will click my Amazon link and buy it! Or at least not that much ;)

So, what's new? In the games section you will find a preview of an interesting game called Where Do Babies Come From. I could write more about it here, but I just know you are dying to click...

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