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127 The Gilmore Girls


Wednesday 7 September 2005 Do you hear that sound? That is the sound of all the male readers of the site clicking away at the mention of the words 'Gilmore' and 'Girls'.

In a case like this it is real easy to say that I only watch Gilmore Girls because my wife watches it, and it is thus impossible to escape it. However, I am mostly the one dropping hints like "hey it's Gilmore Girls tonight, don't you want to see that?" and "I already turned the TV on for you, on the right channel, so you won't forget your favorite television series". Then most of the time I will be sitting on the couch, all ready, while she is still somewhere else in the house and not in a particular hurry yet to follow what is going on.

So now I have to explain why I like what is typically described as a show for girls. And well, I think the comic says it all. Maybe it is a bit overexaggerated, but there is still no denying that Gilmore Girls is just a lot of fun to watch. I can honestly say I don't like all of it. I don't care much for the more emotional moments (although they are a lot more bearable than those in a series like Everwood, although I really don't know because I don't watch that series either, of course... Ahem...) and the main stories are kinda simple, but I like the main characters a lot. I like the mother, who is funny and a bit crazy and not too hard on the eyes (then again, neither is the daughter) and I think the relationship between her and the guy from the diner is pretty cool to follow. It's not the type of conventional relationship you see in most of these series and that's what is fun about Gilmore Girls. Even though I like the daughter character, I don't care much for her part of the stories. Mostly they involve a lot of crying and relationships breaking up, and that does not really interest me. That's the girls stuff right there. But still, it mostly doesn't take up too much of the shows time and since the third of the storylines in every episode mostly involves the bickering grandparents, the 'blub-quotient' is mostly kept to an acceptable level.

*Does some quick thinking for something to restore his reputation of being a cool macho man*

I gotta run now, to go to IKEA and buy some new carpets for our house!

*Realises that that does not do the trick, bows his head in a defeated, resigned manner*

The way things look now, I will have a new short story ready and waiting for you tomorrow. It's a story about cloning, but not so much about the technical aspect of it, more the human implications it brings. I'm putting the finishing touches to it and, even though I would rewrite and rewrite and rewrite every story I ever make, if I could, I realize that now is the time to just let it go out into the big, bad world.

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