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Monday 5 September 2005 Personally, I am not so sure about the educational value of movies, but that won't stop the boys from having a different opinion...

Having been on holiday, and having spent (too) little time in cinemas over the past month, it is harder than expected to get back into the daily routine of making a comic and writing about movies. I have not really kept up to date with what has been happening, and I wonder if anything has been happening at all. Scanning through the movie news of the past few weeks, I find little to nothing that sparks any real interest in me, and the cinema is also filled with movies that I would not fork over my money for. Let's hope things pick up over the coming months, and well, there is plenty to look forward to. With movies like the new Zorro, Harry Potter, Narnia and King Kong, things should once again heat up, and if there is one thing that needs heating up it's the cinema.

The box office has been down this year in every country, and to be honest I am not so surprised. It's not so much that there haven't been any great movies this year, it's more that this years fails to reach the levels of previous years. Last year saw some memorable movies, and I was able to give five stars to a movie five times, but this year there has only been one movie to receive this so far, and to be honest I am not even sure if I will keep that movie at 5, or if I should knock off half a star. Yeah, it's that time of year when I start to re-evaluate my opinion on movies, and even though Batman Begins is undoubtedly brilliant, it might just not be the classic that I held it for when I deliriously stepped out of the cinema a few months ago.

Which begs the question: can you just change your star rating like that? People like Roger Ebert don't change their star ratings, so what gives me the right to do so? Then again, that's the beauty of the Internet. People change their opinion about this type of thing, and this should be reflected in the ratings on the site. I'm still considering how to do this, but I will keep you posted!

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