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110 Sequelitis


Tuesday July 12 2005 I don't mind the occasional sequel every now and then, but this is getting out of hand. Actually, I have said that already so many times now, that it seems like I'm having sequelitis myself! And do we really need a new version of Summer School? The original was fun, in a dumb but fun eighties comedy way, but how on earth are they going to update that for this time?

The magazine is rolling along very nicely. We have some really cool interviews ready for you, together with a lot of fun articles, reviews and lots of other stuff. When I got the idea for the magazine, I could not imagine it would all shape up this nicely. I know, I'm bragging, but when I get really excited about something it is sometimes hard to control myself :) I'll be posting some news about what you can expect inside the pages of Movie Scribblings #1 later this week.

Arranging stuff is a drag. I'm trying to get out of a deal with a webhost I made for some of my old sites, after many years of good service by the way, but somehow it's not happening. I'm hopeless at business stuff (makes you wonder how I'm going to make this mag work, heheh), mostly because I don't like doing it, but sometimes you have to put your shoulders under something like this, even when all sorts of problems conspire against you. It's driving my wife crazy how I seem to be able to keep messing up something as potentially easy as this, and I don't blame her. It's even driving me crazy!

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