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Monday June 6 2005 Yep, you've read that right, they made them smaller. Apparently, some parents who attended a preview screening of Lindsay's new movie, Herbie: Fully Loaded, were appalled that Lindsay's breasts were so prominently displayed, and in an effort to please their target demographic of young kids and their parents, the people at Disney gave their digital wizards the assignment to make the breasts two sizes smaller, especially in scenes where Lindsay is jumping, and in scenes where she is wearing a low cut shirt. I wonder now if we will get a special directors cut where they make them two sizes bigger?

Seriously though, how surrealistic is this? What is this world coming to if a big movie studio listens to a few nagging parents and makes changes to their movie that are this far reaching? I think it's absurd, and it would almost make we want to ban this movie if it didn't look this much fun...

When you have something resembling a social life, then that does not really gel with being a movie nerd. Yes, I would have loved to have seen many movies this weekend and had plenty of stuff to still watch, but I ended up spending almost the whole weekend with friends (and buying new fishies for the pond in my garden, which means Nemo and Monstro have some new friends now as well) and not watching a single movie. I'm having some withdrawal symptoms, but am going for a new chance tonight.

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