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106 Too many trailers syndrome


Tuesday June 28 2005 There's a new Japanese trailer for Fantastic Four flying around on the web somewhere, and even though it's pretty cool, I'm getting a bit bored seeing the same images again and again, with only a few minor bits that are new. Is it really that difficult to just make one good trailer and then use that for the whole promotional period?

The first reviews for Fantastic Four are coming in and they are not that positive. The people writing these reviews have seen the movie at a big test screening, and the consensus seems to be that the movie is fun, but not funtastic (fun-tastic, get it? Never mind...) However, early reports that the movie was going to be horrible are proving more and more to be false. Apart from the fact that the trailers started to bore me now, I am still looking forward to this movie very much. I normally only read DC comics, but one of the few Marvel things that I like is Fantastic Four. I used to read those as a kid, when one of my brothers bought them every month, and their adventures have stuck in my head. I've always thought that the Marvel universe was a bit depressing, with many superheroes who did not seem to have any fun at all in life, and books like FF and Spider Man were a few of the only rays of light in that dark world. I don't know if that is still the case, since I tend to stick to books like Batman (dark too, but at least supporting characters like Nightwing and Robin try to have some fun with it) and Superman nowadays, but whenever there is some Fantastic Four lying around I tend to at least flick through it.

Back at Scribble King HQ, Onno is putting the finishing touches to the new podcast, while I am busy with some publishing projects we are working on. I'll be telling you more about that halfway through July, and I promise you that it should be pretty cool :)

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