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64 A Great Rollercoaster


Tuesday April 26 2005 Actually, I don't even remember that much from this movie, but I think it would be a very cool remake. I'm a big fan of rollercoasters in real life, and I think there are just not enough movies made about them. Think of the potential! I can remember one brilliant episode of TV-series Get A Life (one of the funniest things ever made), in which the main characters test ride a new rollercoaster, which fails halfway through a loop, after which it stays hanging upside down. It was the first episode of Get A Life I saw (it might even be the very first episode of the series) and I was rolling over the floor with laughter.

This movie from 1977 was one of those all star affairs, with people like George Segal and Henry Fonda (and, trivia fans, a fourteen year old Helen Hunt), who have to track this guy who tries to blackmail people by threatening to blow up or set fire to rollercoasters. When I saw it as a kid I was scared shitless. I never wanted to go even near a rollercoaster anymore for several months after, but now I would really like to see the movie again someday. I cannot remember if it was actually any good (a quick look at IMDB says NO), but I like watching seventies movies. The Warriors, which I discussed a few days ago, is also one of those typical 70's movies (which, by the way, also features a rollercoaster, but only as a backdrop). They have a sort of strange, empty atmosphere (can't find a different word to describe it) that is somehow intriguing nonetheless.

In today's remake craze, a movie like Rollercoaster is sadly overlooked. However, with todays budgets they could make something really cool out of this movie. Or did Beverly Hills Cop 3 ruin it for rollercoasters in movies forever? A sequel ruining the chances of a remake. Hm, maybe that's not such a bad thing after all...

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Btw, I love your site. Great comics (and discussion).

Rollercoaster is a surprisingly well-made movie and one that sticks in memory (can you hear that carousel music--I can). One reviewer on amazon or imdb remarked that the rock song Big Boys was played like a million times through out the finale. I would like to watch it now just for that.

Oh, thanks for reminding me of that classic Get a Life episode. I had completely forgotten.

Posted by: Robert Nagle | Jun 18, 2007 5:25:44 PM

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