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i think that the simpsons movie is going to be awsome and i cant wait to see it respect to matt groaning

Nadir Ahmed

The summer of 2007 looks to be packed with many great films:

The Simpsons Movie
Shrek the third
Evan Almighty
Pirates of the Caribbean
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Ocean's Thirteen
Spiderman 3
Fantastic 4
Surfs Up

I will try and watch all these films. i think all these films will make money but i think Fantastic 4, transformers and surfs up will become the posiedon and mission impossible 2 of 2007. They made alot of money but were still considers as flops


shit this is going to be the best bloody year ever sipsons, evan almighty, pirates of the carrabien, harry potter, spiderman 3, shrek 3 and meet the robinsons im so looking forward to it


I want to see the simpson movie and a lot of other movies this year. It will be a great year for films.


Thanks for the info. on the latest new animated features for the summer. I guess I'll be hitting them. After all that's what nieces and nephews are for right? Because you couldn't get me to see these films on my own. Unless I was hanging with buddies. 'Delgo' looks interesting, but the CG is not that great and will probably kill the film before it gets started. But the group getting them out saw promise otherwise it still be sitting on the shelves. More than likely I'll be probably seeing the 'TMNT' movie or 'Meet the Robinsons'. 'Ratatouille' seems to be an interesting premise considering all the stories in the news about "rats" partying at fast food joints here in NYC. I might be interested in the 'Bee Movie' too. Surely there has got to be some more animated movies coming out. Oh we forgot the 'Transformers' movies as well as the 'Astro Boy' movies.

Gordon Muir

I would love to see a sequel to Hoodwinked come out this year, i didnt think it would be very good, even the first ten or so minutes wasnt that appealing and that's usually the most important part but boy was i wrong, as soon as it got to the Big Bad Wolf's side of the story the movie took me completely by surprise with its creativeness and comical genious

"What kind of candles are those"

And to those of you who might have dreaded the thought of a turtles movie, you should go see it, it's actually a very good film, the battle scenes reminded me of Linken Parks awesome points of authority reanimation video and the animation was maybe even better.

The Simpsons movie i'm not so looking forward to, sure, i will go see it but recent simpsons episodes have totally destroyed my expectations of it being any good, 10% of me knows it'll be good, 10% of me doesnt want to go see it and 80% of me feels that if i go see it then i might end up lying back in my seat watching the rigourmortus of a far dead animated series transpired into a motion picture while the constant laughter of silly under 12's rings in my ear.


Some of those movies have come out already since you wrote this a few months ago. It is easy top say that many have been dissopionting. But I have high hopes for the Simpsons Movie.


Some of those movies have come out already since you wrote this a few months ago. It is easy top say that many have been dissopionting. But I have high hopes for the Simpsons Movie.


Sometimes it's hard to predict well before hand how good a movie is going to be. Especially when it comes to movies that don't even have a trailer yet. And yes, some of them were pretty disappointing, although I really enjoyed Meet the Robinsons. I am looking forward very much to Ratatouille and Simpsons though.


thanks mate .. great review !

watch movies

3D rocks :) Can't even start to tell you how much appreciation I have for the amazing artists who work on the creation of these endearing films! I had a course in Maya (3D prog) and my god- it is so hard, but so fulfilling :)


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